Ruska dača vzorec

Russian dacha is striving to become an example of how to enliven and develop cultural heritage, becoming a synonym for class and elegance rooted in rich history.


Russian Dacha

The Russian dacha, an impressive suburban villa, is located in the vicinity of the capital of Slovenia and is listed as protected cultural heritage. The decaying beauty has undergone 3 years of renovation and we believe its now breath taking. The villa is open for sightseeing and will offer culinary delights. It is available to rent for various events and occasions.

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Rolls Royce

Fancy a ride fit for royalty? The elegant time-defying limousine Rolls Royce Phantom VI, originally made for princess Alexandra of Kent, was meticulously restored to its former glory. With a personal driver and a butler it offers a truly royal treatment to honor your business partner or create an unforgettable experience for bride and groom on their wedding day…

Rolls Royce

Travel in style

Russian dacha Travel offers exclusive travel experiences for small groups, including unique team building for companies. The inspiration for the itineraries is rich history, art, diverse landscape, cuisine and special features of mysterious lands. High-quality guiding will make your voyage unforgettable. Visit Russia, from St. Petersburg to Siberia, Iran with all the wonders of the former Persia, harvest the grapes in Georgia, enjoy gastronomic Tuscany, Istanbul, the Middle East phoenix Lebanon take a trip to New York designed especially for the ladies and much more…